IMG_0287TSG Chairman Rick Ash Receives TA/Petro Citizen Driver Award

At a gala luncheon on Friday at the 2015 Mid America Trucking Show Travel Centers of America presented its 2nd annual Citizen Driver award to five honorees including Trucking Solutions Group chairman Rick Ash. Also receiving the award were Sandy Long Marcelline, Mo., Robert Fernald Westbrook, Me. Michael Sheeds Bandera, Tx. and Gary Buchs Colfax, Il.

As part of their prize package each honoree is allowed to choose any TA/Petro location to be renamed in their honor. The recipients have chosen the following locations:

  • Micheal Sheeds – Petro San Antonio, TX — “Micheal Sheeds Stopping Center”
  • Sandy Long — TA Oak Grove, MO — “Sandy Long Travel Center”
  • Rick Ash – TA Commerce City, CO — “Rick Ash Travel Center”
  • Robert Fernald – TA Willington, CT — “Robert Fernald Travel Center”
  • Gary Buchs – TA Bloomington, IL — “Gary Buchs Travel Center”



Another Successful MATS Health Walk in the Books

The Trucking Solutions Group held its 6th annual Health Awareness Walk on Thursday evening at the Mid America Trucking Show this year. The cool temperature did not deter our supporters from joining us again on our stroll over to Churchill Downs Raceway. It was still raining as little as a half hour before our departure but as in years past, just as we were about to begin, the clouds parted and provided us with dry conditions for our walk.
Thanks to all who joined us in our effort to increase awareness of the need for a healthier lifestyle for our nations’ truckers.
Thanks also again to our walk sponsor, TA/Petro for providing 500 Ultra One points and and a StayFit water bottle to all of our participants.

We will be conducting our health walk at GATS again this year where many other VERY EXCITING things will be happening. Stay tuned!


Health Article

Surveys show that more than 1 in every 3 Americans is now considered obese. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese. Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. To see obesity trends by state click here Obesity Trends.

Our Home page will feature a link to health related articles relating to this health epidemic and many other health subjects. For more health related articles please visit our
Health Articles page.

Eggs–Incredible or Not So Much?


          Fun Fact:    

Do you know what the M&M stands for in the candies?
They stand for Mars and Murrie, the developers of the candy in 1941.

Are you having tire wear or handling problems with your truck?
Mike Beckett from MD Alignment, a good friend of the Trucking Solutions Group throughout our existence, has graciously agreed to allow us to use parts of his wildly popular book “Truck Wheel Alignment  A Common Man’s Guide” on our website.

Click on the Mike Beckett page above. Start with the introduction and then move on to the other installments.

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