Two Days and Counting…..

We’re just two weeks away from GATS and the Trucking Solutions Group will again be there.
We’ll be conducting our sixth annual blood drive in partnership with Carter Blood Care and our third annual bone marrow donor registry drive in partnership with Make It Happen USA.
Oh yes, the health pavilion is back and it’s bigger and better than last year. We’ve added sleep apnea screening with Dr. John McElligott and the St. Christopher Fund as well as DOT physicals for $59 being conducted by our new friends at AccuScreen.
There’s also going to be live music, good fun, good food and a 5K road race out at the truck parking lot with free shuttle service to and from the convention center.
Click these Links for more info:

Health Pavilion            Truck Parking Lot        Truck Parking Shuttle Service

Progressive Fit for the Road 5K                         General Information

Recruiting Pavilion                 Showers              Registation          Concert

Mammogram Reservation System Now Open

The reservation system for scheduling your mammogram health screening is now open.
In order to have the screening at your convenience and on your schedule it is strongly recommended that you reserve your appointment ahead of time.
To reserve your appointment please call 214.820.3040.
Financial assistance is available for those in need as long as funds last.
For more information click this link         Mammograms

GATS 2016 Mammogram Fundraising Begins

The Trucking Solutions Group is again bringing a mobile mammogram unit to the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Tx. from August 25-27, 2016.
For the next 5 months we will be raising funds in order to provide mammograms at no cost to those without insurance or who can not otherwise afford the screening.
If you helped us last year, we thank you and hope you can join us this year as well.
With your help we hope to provide even more mammograms than we did in 2015.
Please join us.

To donate please visit our GoFundme page at gofund.me/h4y9rjx8   or by sending a check to:

Make It Happen USA
25761 E. Orchard Drive
Aurora, Co. 80016

If sending a check please remember to put the word “mammograms” in the memo section of the check so that they can differentiate our donations from their own.

The Trucking Solutions Group would like to thank Christina Schnese and the wonderful folks at Make It Happen USA for assisting us again this year with our fundraising efforts.

We thank you.


The Trucking Solutions Group Would Like To Thank the Following People For Their Donations to the Mobile Mammogram Unit Fundraiser 2016:

First Choice Logistics Inc. (Richard Jousma, President)
Schely Gerbers Lengacher and Adria Goff-Elliott (Bolt Custom Trucks)
Leslie Allison-Seei (Robust Promotions LLC) (Twice)
Steve and Pam Pollock (Movin’ Out magazine)
Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA)

Jon Osburn                                        Beth and Kenn Zelten (3 times)
Idella Hansen (5 times)                  Pat Hockaday (Twice)
Ralph Acocella Jr.                            Mary “Candy” Bass (Twice)
Cindy Kaps (3 times)                       Steve and Kim Cooper
Sandi Edwards                                  Michael Riccio
Rick Ash                                             Linda Caffee
David Hollis                                       Greg Huggins
Chris Dunn                                         Les Willis
Sandi Soendker                                 Susan Worth-White
Carmen Anderson                            Leslie Warner (Twice)
Deb & Del LaBree (4 times)           Dan Nestor
Jeff Clark                                            Barbara Kiel
Ingrid Brown                                     Lee and Sara Brau (Twice)
Sandra Putz                                        Christy Lagerstrom
Sheryl Jakober


 fit-520x245DOT Exams Coming to GATS Health Pavilion

The Landstar Fit For The Road Health and Wellness Pavilion at the 2016 Great American Trucking Show looks to be bigger and better with the addition of DOT exams.
DOT certified examiners will be available on all three days of the show to perform the exams for the great price of $59.

Also being added this year are Sleep Apnea Screenings with medical consultation being provided by Dr. John McElligott from the St. Christopher Fund. Dr. McElligott is the medical advisor to the St. Christopher Fund and host of the St. Christopher Fund Minute on SiriusXM 146 Road Dog Channel.
We will be providing more information on this additional service in the near future.

The following health screenings will be available:

6th annual Blood Drive
3rd annual Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive
Ask a Pharmacist
Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure screening
Chiropractic Assessments
Diabetes Education
Eye Acuity and Color Blindness Testing
Kidney Function Analysis
Mammogram Breast Cancer Screenings
Nutrition Screening and Advice
Sleep Apnea Screening and Medical Consultation
DOT Physicals $59

This years’ Great American Trucking Show will be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center on August 25-27, 2016.


image1First Choice Logistics Inc. of Chicago, Il.  Starts 2016 Mammogram Fundraising Off With A Bang!

The Trucking Solutions Group would like to gratefully acknowledge Richard Jousma, President of First Choice Logistics Inc. of Chicago, Il. for his $1,250 donation to kick off our 2016 fundraising efforts to provide mammograms at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Tx. Mr. Jousma is well know for his generosity and contributions to charities that assist those in the trucking industry. We are honored that Mr. Jousma has chosen the Trucking Solutions Group as one of those recipients this year.


Health Article

Surveys show that more than 1 in every 3 Americans is now considered obese. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) more than one-third of U.S. adults (35.7%) are obese. Approximately 17% (or 12.5 million) of children and adolescents aged 2—19 years are obese. To see obesity trends by state click here Obesity Trends.

Our Home page will feature a link to health related articles relating to this health epidemic and many other health subjects. For more health related articles please visit our
Health Articles page.

What Dehydration Does To Your Body


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